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    Send us your best urbanism #didyouknow, and we just might include it in this series!

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    Claude Monet 1840 - 1926 La Seine À Argenteuil

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  4. "Stop saying sorry. Say thank you instead. When you say, “sorry for being a jerk” the other person is forced to either call you a jerk or say it wasnt a big deal. Instead, say “thank you for being so being so patient with me” so the other person has a reason to say they love you."
    — I saw this gem on Reddit tonight.  It was posted under a topic of “What ‘little’ things you can do to improve your relationship with your significant other.”  I’m definitely taking this piece of advice with me into my next relationship.   (via brittanyjoyal)

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  5. Places I want to go (with him)


    Somewhere to see the Northern Lights

    Everest Base Camp/Nepal

    Machu Picchu


    Mount Kilimanjaro


    Mexico (already been, need to take him)

    Senegal (planning on going in December)


    Australia/New Zealand (already been, need to take him)


  6. Most romantic things he’s said to me:

    "I want to travel the world with you"


    "I want to get a cat with you"


  7. What is love?

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    A cosmic wedding suite inspired by colourful nebulas and astronomy diagrams.

    Watercolour and digital

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