1. What is love?

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    A cosmic wedding suite inspired by colourful nebulas and astronomy diagrams.

    Watercolour and digital

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    Just east of Osborn, in “Burbank”… if anyone actually calls it that.

    Of the 34 properties on this block, 24 have been tax foreclosed, 13 are at risk of foreclosure, and precisely 1 property is in good tax standing.

    See the tax status of all 34 properties here: Why Don’t We Own This? - Detroit

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    A glowing golden forest of trees called Aspire by artist Warren Langley, illuminates a site beneath the Western Distributor at Ultimo, Sydney on May 19, 2010. The permanent artwork is designed to strengthen the pedestrian link between the communities of Pyrmont and Ultimo by providing a brighter, more engaging and safer public space.




  10. "Long gone are the days when automobiles expanded possibility and choice for the majority of Americans. Now, thanks to its ever-increasing demands for space, speed, and time, the car has reshaped our landscape and lifestyles around its own needs. It is an instrument of freedom that has enslaved us."
    — Walkable City by Jeff Speck (via zestoftheday)

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